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United Faculty of Florida

This is the off-campus site of the University of South Florida's Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida. The USF Chapter of the UFF consists of the UFF members at the four campuses of USF. The Chapter elects a Council to represent the USF faculty members in negotiating with the university and at the biannual UFF Senate. The Chapter also assists faculty when filing grievances, and in dealing with job-related matters. The Chapter also assists faculty when filing grievances, and in dealing with job-related matters.

But ultimately, the Chapter is the UFF membership at USF. Our on-campus mailing address is MHH 223, although the university office is in MHH 157. Our phone number is (813) 974-2428, while our fax number is (813) 974-7081. You can send us an e-mail message by clicking here.

Off-campus, we maintain links to the UFF Biweekly, which is broadcast from off-campus. The UFF Biweekly is broadcast every other Thursday before Friday payday to the entire bargaining unit; if you are a member of the faculty, a member of the bargaining unit, and you are not receiving the the biweekly, please let us know. Here are issues of the UFF Biweekly:

Here are other documents:


Bargaining is going very slowly, largely because the BOT Bargaining Team wants major changes that would severely restrict the ability of faculty to challenge administrative errors and injustice. At the Thursday, Nov. 20, Board of Trustees' meeting, Chapter President Roy Weatherford criticized the Board's negotiating position and expressed his concerns about faculty who had been intimidated into silence by fears of administrative retaliation. At the meeting, UFF members circulated two handouts on the issues. The meeting was reported in the Nov. 21 St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune.

All Florida employees relying on the Florida Retirement System may be interested in dubious investments by the system. In 2002, the fund lost $ 335,000,000 in the Enron debacle, so one would think that after the union complained about mismanagement (see AFSCME's report on the mess, a 24-page .pdf file), one would think that the overseers --- led by Governor Bush --- would be more careful.
spacer But now the overseeers of the fund are considering investing over $ 170,000,000 in Edison Schools, whose stock has fallen 95 % in two years. The National Education Association has written a letter warning of the dangers of investing in a company whose primary asset appears to be its right-wing political connections, and other stake-holders are expressing their concerns about using pension funds to bail out a sinking concern.